Fujikura Printed Circuits Ltd.

Corporate Profile

Message from the President

In March 2022, Fujikura Printed Circuits Ltd. was established to consolidate Flexible Printed Circuit Board (FPC) manufacturing, sales functions in Fujikura Group and start operation as one business unit.

We are new company thus have long history over 40years in business. Surely we can support customer all over the world by providing the best and various solution at developing to Mass production stage. Our long history understands and has experience, quality, and technology for the cutting edge of products such as smart phone, wearable, etc., which needs small, light, slim, high-density specifications.

In order to be a flexible company that can respond to the constantly changing electronics market and technological transitions, we corporate as a team to value mutual communication with our customer and each-every employee, and create an environment to be active globally, develop human resources.

We will continue to create valuable products to serve our customers. We therefore ask for your continued understanding and steady support in the future.

Fujikura Printed Circuits Ltd.
President and CEO, Koji Ueda



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